Aktionsgemeinschaft Artenschutz (AGA) e.V. (Action Campaign for Endangered Species) has been working for the conservation of endangered plant and animal species and their habitats for over 25 years. AGA operates internationally to protect and preserve nature, to raise environmental awareness and to prevent the destruction of the livelihood of humans, animals and plants.


AGA emerged from the “Save the Turtles” campaign, which itself was initiated in 1981. "Save the Turtles" was a campaign by private individuals against the cruel slaughter of turtles. The charity AGA was founded in 1986. The commitment of AGA has not diminished since its first activities and is no longer limited to “only” rescuing turtles. Still today, AGA is characterized by its tireless dedication to the protection of endangered species.

AGA works internationally with competent local partner organizations in order to carry out its projects effectively. Thanks to this close and fruitful cooperation, species conservation projects can be implemented directly and sustainably.

AGA continues to be committed to the protection of endangered turtles, for example by protecting their nesting beaches. In order to develop effective and science-based protection measures, AGA also conducts research into fundamental issues. For example, the geographic range of koalas and penguins is being investigated, in order to better protect these species where they occur. AGA contributes to the resolution of existing human-wildlife conflicts with constructive conservation concepts, such as the use of guard dogs to protect livestock herds from cheetahs.

AGA also supports nurseries for elephant and cheetah orphans and provides emergency aid to rescue species, for example when natural disasters are threatening the survival of endangered species. By designating protected areas and tree planting projects, AGA supports the conservation of the habitat of endangered species.

AGA is supported by contributions from donors and sponsors, as well as its energetic volunteers. Only thanks to this help conservation projects can be effectively and successfully implemented.

For more information on some of our projects in English, please refer to the respective project websites of our partner organizations:

Cheetah Conservation Fund

Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust


Translated by Dr. Ingo Schüder, Director Brillianto 23/04/2014